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"We, as a people, are rising. We have learned enhanced ways of conducting business to extraordinary heights. The Southeast Queens Group is the first example we've seen of leveraging local resources from such a diverse population".  Rico Stone
  • Legalization committee​

  • Continuous Education of natural herbs

  • Continuous Research of benefits

  • Herbal Novelties

  • Events. 

  • Online and Mobile Banking

  • Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling

  • Notary Public

  • Club Accounts

  • IRA Savings Accounts

  • Kids/Teens Accounts

  • Wealth Management

  • Line of Credit

  • Overdraft Protection

Banking as we know it is transitioning to be more community customized based. The Southeast Queens Group is focused more than ever in meeting the needs of the community while providing top of the line customer service. This proposed federal credit union is just one of the many ways we are striving to meet community needs. Please join us for our next monthly meeting in March 2018

What's Happening Now

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